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This workshop is designed to give participants a quick, hand-on experience.

Tackle everyday challenges (personal and business) and develop solid, effective solutions.

Develop a systematic approach to problem solving with a fast paced 3-hour workshop.

Develop leadership and managerial problem solving skills for organizational and team success.

This workshop provides a systematic process that gives participants different perspectives and approaches to forge optimal solutions.   The Best Part!  Learn a 6 step process that helps you analyze your issues and build effective solutions, based on Think Better by Tim Hurson, (2008) and Never Be Closing by Hurson and Dunne (2014).   This workshop:

  • Gives you hands-on experience with a powerful problem solving technique.
  • Helps you provide an effective solution through clarity in the details of the challenge and what constitutes success.
  • Shows you how to take an initial solution and forge it into a better solution using powerful enhancement tools.
  • Gives you new ways of examining important problems.

 Who Should Attend:

Any member of a community based organization whose function is to develop programs or solve and implement organizational solutions, including:

  • Executive directors
  • Program directors
  • Project managers
  • Sales, marketing and fundraising team members.

What you will experience:

  • A rapid version of full Productive Thinking process on two problems.
  • A brief theory of Productive Thinking and how it works.
  • Powerful tools to enhance your efforts at key steps in the process.
  • An effective template for the problem solving process and forging solutions.

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